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Why can’t men retire when they are young?

Why can't men retire when they are young?  Seriously?  Why can't Sean take the next 20 years as his retirement and then work when he should be retired? 


OK, I really don't want this because I don't think this is God's plan, but he had two days off from work last week; one for Nathan's birthday and one for Thanksgiving and it was so fun to have him here with  us.  We did so  many fun things with him that we would not have been able to do if he were working. 


He does not have to preach for a few weeks, so he should be home a bit more.  But even then, he is working so hard doing other things he needs to do that he is unable to do while preparing to Preach the Word. 


Don't get me wrong, I am so thankful that he is a hard worker and that he uses his time wisely.  But there are days that I want him here with us.  I want his help and encouragement around the home.  I want our children to have such fond memories of their Daddy.  The children love to spend time with their Daddy and it never seems to be enough.


But seeing their Dad work so hard will reap benefits beyond what I can imagine.  The boys have a great role model how a Daddy is supposed to work…to the point of exhaustion, but still make time to play legos with them and wrestle with them.  The girls will know what to look for in a husband…a man who is willing to work to the point of exhaustion to provide for his family and still have the engery and excitement to come home and play with his children and talk with his wife. 


I am so thankful for our life and for work, but it is so nice to have those days of vacation to spend as a family and to enjoy life without too many responsibilities.




NO, we have not made an offer on the house yet…lol.



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