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So I have this group of friends, we’ll call them the 40 year old balding men, (you know who you are) and many of them are knitters.  Now, I learned how to knit from my Aunt shortly after I was married, but as life goes, other things took over and the knowledge left my brain after the birth of one of my babies (yes, always blame a child, they can’t defend themselves).  In September of 2006 I met up with some of the 40 year old balding men and was glad to know they were not really 40 year old balding men, but rather lovely young women.  Not a one of them was over 22, I am sure of it.  Anyway, back to September 2006, and Kirky, Knit One Blog Two, taught me  how to knit again. 

Well, I started with a scarf for myself and then made a scarf for each of my children for Christmas.  Then, someone linked this pattern to me, DW Washcloth  and I fell in love with knitting washcloths.  I have made countless washcloths to date.  I have given them as gifts to people who have hosted us at their home.  I have given them as housewarming presents.  I have made some for Christmas presents this year (so if you are on my list, act surprised when you open the gift).  I love making these. 

What it the great thing about making them as gifts?  Everyone can use dishcloths.  These are so durable and last a long time.  As I am making them I pray for the receiver and thank God that they are part of my life.  What a wonderful blessing to be able to bless someone with something they can use on a regular basis. 

I have expanded my washcloth patterns since this first one, but this one is still my favorite.

So, if you don’t know how to knit, simply google knitting and find some wonderful instructional videos and start with something easy and enjoy.


1 comment to Knitting

  • Malissa

    I learned how to knit last spring. I love knitting wash cloths too! I'm actually addicted to knitting them.

    My favorite pattern was from a magazine I found. I like the one you linked to though and I MUST try it!

    Did Sylvia ever give you one? I always loved hers–those round ones. They are a PAIN to knit. I only tried one;0

    So when are we going to get together to knit?:)

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