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The phone rings.

I look at the caller ID and don’t recognize the number.

Its an unrecognizable area code.

We are on the "do not call" list.

We live in Iowa, so we get a lot of political calls.

I am sick of political calls.


I pick up and say, "Hello, this is Susan."

To which I can tell that it is a telemarketer/political call because I don’t hear anyone on the other end.

Finally, I hear a click of someone getting on the other end.

She says, "Hello."

I think in my head, I already said hello, but you don’t know that because this call was computer generated and you did not pick up until you knew someone has answered the phone.  Once someone is already on the line, then someone in the call center picks up to talk to me, wasting seconds of my valuable time that I could be watching Fox News or Little House on the Prairie.

She says, "Hello" again.

I remain silent. 

She says, "Hello" again. 

I bet she wonders why there is no response.  The computer told her that someone answered the phone, so why is not one responding.

She tries one more time.  "Hello."

I just laugh in my head.  Just when I decided to respond with something smart like, "Oh now you know how I feel when I pick up and say, "Hello" and there is no response on the other end."

She hung up.

I’ll have to wait until next time.

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