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The new cookbook

It seems that cookbooks are not like they used to be.  There are so many cookbooks out there, and I am not really interested in all the new things because they are just recycled ideas put into new books.  I have my Mother’s Betty Crocker Cookbook that I grew up with.  My guess is that she got it in her first years of marriage.  I love that cookbook. 

Anyway, that is not what this is about.  I am always surprised to see the onslaught of new cookbooks because the way we use and read recipes is changing.  The world wide web is full of all kinds of wonderful recipes.  But, my new favorite place to find new recipes is The Pioneer Woman Cooks.  Why do I like it?  Because she puts pictures with her recipes and it just makes it  more fun to see what it looks like when its made and photographed by a real person and not a professional kitchen staff.  

There are many recipes on there from all the food groups; meat, meat, sweets, sides, meat and desserts.  Enjoy. 


2 comments to The new cookbook

  • momatpeace

    Have you tried her cinnamon roll frosting. Oh my heavens… I think I've officially switched from the cream cheese goo that I normally make to her coffee/maple frosting. D-Lish!!

    You are right… she makes good stuff.

    You know those olives in my fridge?? GONE — that was some good olive cheese bread. (OHhh.. I'm just kidding!) But I did try the bread — and it was superb. No one liked it but me at my house — I think that may have been the extra 5 pounds I gained over thanksgiving.


  • Anonymous

    Try going to


    for more down to earth, real people recipes. It is one of my favorite sites. I have just added The Pioneer Woman Cooks to my favorites as well! thanks, I love her humor!

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