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Every Day is a New Experience

Knock, knock, knock.  The sound rang from the back door.

“Thomas, run and see if someone’s at the door.”

“Yes, but I don’t know who it is.”

I walk to the back door and there is a woman in a sweatshirt waiting at the door.  A sweatshirt?  She must be freezing.  Its about 10 degrees outside today with a steady wind.  The wind is causing it to feel like its below zero out there.

I open the door.

Is Sean here?


Can you take something for him?


She hands me some papers.  She leaves.  I go up the stairs and then look at the papers.  Its a summons to court.  I think, “What in the world.”

The more I read, the more I realize what I am reading.  But, the name is not spelled the way Sean spells his name.  The address is wrong.  The case has nothing to do with us.

So after my heart rate settles down to normal, I call the law office who issued the summons to tell them it was delivered to the wrong person.  Its a long distance call.  But I’ll can anyway, because I think its the proper thing to do.

Woman answers the phone and I give a detailed reason to why I am calling and she transfers me to the claims department.

I repeat my story to the new lady.  I kindly explain that we have been served a summons that should not have been served to us, the name is spelled wrong and the address is an address we have never lived at.  I can hear in her voice that she is not buying my story.

She asks me for the last 4 digits of hubby’s Social Security Number.  I told her that I would not give out that info, but instead, she should give me the numbers she had.  Nope the numbers don’t match.  I am not surprised.  She sounds surprised.  She then asks for my phone number.  I said no, I am not giving you that either.  I told her, in a little more annoyed voice, “I am not playing your game.  I am trying to help you because your server served the wrong person and I just wanted to do what was proper and tell you of the mistake.”  She seemed even more annoyed, which I don’t understan.

Finally she realizes that there was a mistake.  She said she would contact someone to pick it up.  I wonder if that will really happen.

There, now I have another experience in life.


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