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Keeping Children’s Journals

Do you like to write?  Do you wish you had more stories about your childhood?  Do you want to share every detail of your children’s lives, but your family and friends are sick and tired of it? 

Well that describes me. 

When I was a child, I used to stay at my Grandmothers’ homes for a week.  On one of those trips, my Mom’s Mom showed me a diary she kept for my Mother for the first 5 years of her life.  There were little notations in it.  Nothing major, just what they did day to day and markings of important dates.  I was inspired and that image has stayed in my heart since that day.  My Grandmother said it was to make sure to remember each day with her surprise daughter. 

So, when I thought I may be pregnant with my firstborn, I started a journal for him.  I have continued that journal to this day and plan to keep it going until he is grown.  I have kept one for each of  my children.  Some have more written in than others.  Babies tend to get more attention than school age children and there are times I am not as diligent in writing as I would like to be, but I continue to write.

I write about the funny things we do.  The sad things that happen.  I write about the mundane.  I write about the exciting.  I write about how I feel.  I write about things I want them to learn in the future.  I write about things that I want them to remember when they are grown.  I write about the joys of being a mother.  I write about the frustrations of being a mother.  I write whatever comes to mind. 

Now, maybe my children will never read these journals.  That’s OK.  It was fun to do and caused me to take time to remember that even in the mundane, life is  beautiful and well worth writing about. 


1 comment to Keeping Children’s Journals

  • JustaSEC

    I have always wanted to do something like this. I need to start. Thanks for the comment about the creative memories things…I'm gonna look into it!

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