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I love my Library

I am not sure if I wrote about my library before, but I wanted to let you know that I love my library.  See we live in a city that has about 300,000 in the urban area.  But we have a local branch right up the road from us.  We used to walk there.  And I always say we will walk again, but now that I am 31+ weeks pregnant, that thought does not interest me too much.  Its not the walk there that I am concerned about, but rather the walk back. 

Anyway, I love our local branch.  They have story time every Tuesday morning for 3 – 6 year olds.  In our family that means everyone goes.  The older children really are not thrilled about it anymore, but I just tell them that too soon no one will be reading to them anymore and they should enjoy it while they can.  I personally love being read to.  Our librarians are so good to our family and they make sure to talk to the older ones in a more grown up way. 

Our children that are younger than three also love story time.  They start going as soon as we can after they are born and are taught how to sit through story time from that age on.  Of course they start out sleeping through it.  But once they can stay awake long enough to hear the stories, they sit on Mama’s lap.  I work diligently at keeping them quiet.  This is actually great training ground for sitting quietly in church.  By the time the child 2 they know how to sit through story time and pay attention and participate. 

Our local branch also provides a craft at the end of story time for them to do.  These are not just color the picture crafts, but they are full-fledged color, glue, sometimes with glitter crafts.  You know the kind, the kind that Mom’s hate doing in their homes because they make a mess, that kind of craft. 

Tuesday mornings are always a favorite in our home. 

The other thing that I love about our local branch is the size.  Its small and it seems that the computers have taken over the quaintness of the library, but it is still small enough to see from one side to another.  To many this may seem like a disadvantage because if its that small they must not have many books.  Well, that is not true.  There are books in every little corner of that library and a great and varied selection to boot.  And if the book that I want is not there, I can check all the branches and find at least one copy of the book. 

We can reserve books online with no fees.  We can find out what is checked out on line, no fees.  We can search for books online, with no fees.  We can even download audio books to listen to at home.  I have not done that yet, but hope to in the near future.  Maybe when baby 7 Up makes his or her appearance. 

So if you don’t go to your library regularly, maybe you should check it out.  You never know what you will find there.

4 comments to I love my Library

  • uzbekmom

    I love our library too. And I mostly love that my mom takes the kids there every week and I get down time. That is happening right now.


    Edited by uzbekmom on Sep. 22, 2008 at 1:07

  • momatpeace

    I too can check out books on-line, and RENEW them on-line… that's very important. You'd think I'd never have an over-due book…

    AND — my library gives me a 2 day grace period after the due date. You'd thnk I'd neve have an over-due book.

    AND — we can check out 20 books per card, and you can get a card once you turn 5. You'd think I'd never have an over-due book.

    :sigh: Stop thinking so much…

    I still love my library… sometimes my libraries has mercy on me and she cancels my $25 over-due fines. That's what happens when you forget to write the due date down and you check out 20 books each on 3 different cards. LOL

    Jennifer (my books are due on the 25th)

  • momatpeace


    Librarian… it's a SHE… SHE is merciful, sometimes. Not always —

  • Anonymous

    I miss my library.


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