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10 Things You Should Say to a Pregnant Woman

1.  You look beautiful. – This does not really need an explanation.  I don’t think any woman can hear this enough, pregnant or not.

2.  You are a great Mom. – Again, no explanation really needed, right?  Well I’ll give one anyway.  Its so hard to not get down on oneself during pregnancy, a Mom can’t hear these words enough.

3.  When can I bring you and your family a meal?
– I don’t know about you, but when I get to the end of pregnancy, my appetite is nothing and my desire to cook food leaves my body.  So any offer for a prepared meal is a tremendous blessing, not only to me, but even more importantly to my family who is sick of frozen pizza, sandwiches and tacos.

4.  Is there anything I can do for you? (and really mean it) – Even if I don’t have anything that I need help with, its nice that you acknowledge how difficult the end of pregnancy is.  Even getting to the bottom of the washing machine is nearly impossible.  I am always so thankful when people ask if they can help and really mean it. 

5.  Did I tell you that you look so good. – Again, no fat pregnant woman can hear this enough.

6.  I am so excited for you and your family and can’t wait to meet this baby.
– In a day and age when so many are critical of any family that chooses to have more than 2 children, it is always a blessing to hear people say nice things about a new addition.

7.  Here’s my cell number, call me if you need anything. – You know those people who really mean this, they are a blessing beyond belief.  There are often unexpected things in the end of pregnancy and to be able to have that one or two people that I can call to just take the kids because the super super crabbies have arrived, what a blessing.

8.  Go take a nap, its good for you. – Thank you for acknowledging how tired I am and letting me know its OK to rest.  That it is actually good for me to rest my body.

9.  Here are some brownies and ice cream.
– Brownies and Ice Cream at the perfect time, need I say more?

10.  You look fabulous, glowing.  – See previous posts.

So, my challenge to you is next time you see a pregnant woman say something encouraging to her and edifying to her, something she maybe has not heard recently and stay away from those other cliche things.


2 comments to 10 Things You Should Say to a Pregnant Woman

  • momatpeace

    I wish I were your neighbor! ♀ Oh… look what I accidentally typed. Too funny… Ü I think it's a sign… you are having a girl.

    And HEY — I thought of you this morning and it had nothing to do with you being pregnant. So there… I stepped on a Lego! Ha ha haaa…. you will forever be with me my friend, in spirit. The bottom of my feet thank you!


    p.s. pregnancy becomes you — you are absolutely glowing! No really… you are…

  • uzbekmom

    Any day now, Sue! Any day!!

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