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Happy Thanksgiving

What a wonderful day to celebrate with my sister and her four children.  We had so much fun the last week.  We laughed, we napped, we walked, we went to the Science Center, we ate pizza, we just enjoyed each other’s family. 

Today after lupper (combination of lunch and supper) and dessert, she left to go home.  I cried.  I was supposed to have a baby while she was here, but Baby 7-Up is a stinker.  He or she is just determined to be a late bloomer.  I personally think that Thomas has made an agreement with Baby 7-Up to be at least 9 days late.  That way, we can’t call Thomas pokey anymore. 

Here is a quick update.  I am not feeling any indication that labor is on its way.  I am having contractions every now and again, but nothing that is lasting or overbearing.  If I don’t have this baby by Saturday, I need to go in for a non-stress test on Saturday.  If I don’t have this baby by Monday, I am scheduled to have a repeat section at 8:30 a.m. on Monday.  I am hoping to have him or her before Monday as once I have another c-section, I will not be allowed to have a baby any other way. 

But, I am thankful to have until Monday.  At first I was told that Friday, November 28th would be the day I would have to have a section.  But God saw fit to delay it to Monday for various reasons. 

Please continue to pray for us all.

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