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Things to do before Baby 7-Up is born

My hope is to update this every week and get lots of stuff crossed out.  Here is my to do list in no particular order.

Updated 10.20 two things done. added one more.
Updated 10.27 Completed a number of things.  Added a couple more.
November 3.  Lots more stuff crossed out….still lots to do.
November 10, still more done and I will rearrange the list a bit.  Getting shorter, but still lots to do.
November 17, still lots to do.


5  Verify Address list for announcements.
6.  Address envelopes for announcements.
9.  Get rid of dresser in boy’s room.
14. Find nursing pads and wash them
16. Get all Creative Memories products organized.
18.  Pack my bag
20.  Pack bag of toys/activities for kids
23.  Pack the video camera bag with everything it needs including charged batteries.
29.  Put away home school stuff from last year.
30.  Complete everything on this list.
31.  Decide on a name.
34.  Redo birth plan and print it off.


1.  Make a girl quilt.
2.  Make a boy quilt.

3.  Decide on announcement wording for each gender.
4.  Update address list.
7.  Dump all pictures onto the computer.
8.  Back up all pictures on the computer.
10.Rearrange boy’s room.
11. Make hat for girl
12. Buy girl outfit
13. Wash clothes boy/girl

15. Clean up area for mini crib in our room
17.  Pick out a song for Baby 7-Up
19.  Pack Baby’s bag
21.  Buy a new video for kids to watch while visiting
22.  Burn CD’s for labor
24.  Buy wintergreen Lifesavers
25.  Buy extra rechargeable batteries.
26.  Buy newborn diapers
27.  Cut Bounty for wipes
28.  Make swaddling blanket or two for a boy.
32.  Order important things online
33.  Buy socks and tights.
35.  Go over labor suggestions with Sean.

9 comments to Things to do before Baby 7-Up is born

  • uzbekmom

    Mary or Joseph? Those are great names.

  • Anonymous

    Mary Melissa

    Melissa Mary

    Both great names.

  • momatpeace

    We can't wait to see your COOL announcement. The last one is still on our fridge.

    I think since it's so close to Christmas you should make it a FAMILY PHOTO and just do double duty. LOL Christmas Card/Baby Announcement. Ü

    Names??? Need any help? We like:






    Ü LOL


    Mom to Victoria, Mansel, Milo, Danielle and Wayne

  • uzbekmom

    You haven't gotten much crossed off that list…..

  • CheeseheadMama

    Mary, don't remind me. Wanna come visit? I have gotten more done. I'll update next Monday.

    Still so much more to do.

  • uzbekmom

    YEA! You are getting some stuff done!!

    How about Claudia?






    (I know i am not following the rules.)

  • momatpeace

    Claudia is my sister's name… she got called Clod hopper a lot. Just a forewarning. LOL

    What are the rules b.t.w?


  • uzbekmom

    You are almost there!!!!

    Edited by uzbekmom on Nov. 10, 2008 at 2:20

  • momatpeace


    6. Address envelopes for announcements.

    Mail me your envelopes and a list — I'll address them for you. I'm a geek… I like doing this sort of thing. I'll bring them by your house on the 24th. (I'll be in town for 2 appointments). But I can't stay because #1, you'll be in labor ;), and #2 Tori has a basketball game at 4:15.

    DO IT!! I'm serious!! Ü


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