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Snow + Neurologist appointment = Blessing

Today at 3:00 I had a neurologist appointment.  It started snowing at about 7:00 a.m. and by 10:00 there were inches, probably 3 inches, of snow on the ground and it was still snowing about an inch an hour.  It was a pretty sight to see, but looked like a nasty sight to drive in.  And we have a blizzard warning for blowing snow and high wind speed for later today.  AND I was going to take all the children up to a friend’s house 15 minutes away in another town.  I did not want to bundle them up and haul them up there in that weather with all those nuts out there on the road.  (Because as we all know, I am the only one who knows how to drive in the snow.  bwahaha.)

At about 10:30 my friend, Judy, called and asked what my plans were.  Was I going to cancel or what and maybe I should call to see if there were cancellations and I could go in earlier.  I laughed at her.  If I could go in earlier, Uncle Ted could watch the children and I would not need to take them out. 

I finally got off the phone and realized I had a voice mail.  It was the doctor’s office asking me to come in earlier.  I called back and they said I could come in right away.  WOW.  What an awesome blessing from God.  Our God can do anything and give us blessings we did not even know we wanted or needed. 

So Caleb and I went off to the Dr. Office all by ourselves.  The roads were nasty, but we went slow. 

The parking garage was full.  The lots were mostly empty. 

The waiting room had on person in it. 

I went back.  The doctor spent 30 minutes with me going through my history and the possibilities.  He even gave me a neck massage and a scalp massage.  OK they were really part of the exam, but it was very relaxing.  He said some insurances pay for massage therapy and if my headaches are tension related, he could write me a script.  I told him no thank you.  I don’t like to be touched by strangers.

So, there is nothing serious.  Probably I am getting tension headaches.  Heat and massage (Sean, welcome home) and maybe some simple stretching will help a lot.  Call back if it gets worse. 

I even got to see my CT Scans and MRI results.  It was so cool to see my brain.  I even got to see the portion that is misshaped and probably has been since birth.  It was not dead like the Ct scan made it look.

I was home by 1:00.  Plenty of time for Uncle Ted to get to work.  The roads on the way home were much better.  After lunch.  The two young girls went to bed for naps.  Bethany baby sad a sleeping Caleb and I took the older 3 out to shovel the snow.  We did about 1/2 of it and it took us an hour.  Sean can do the rest with the boys later, I have a headache.  (big smile)

Thanks for praying.



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