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Giving Birth In An Instant Information Age

When I was pregnant with Caleb, Facebook was a new thing, well, at least new to us.  While I was on Facebook, it was mostly to use my time wisely by playing games (yes that is sarcasm).  As it has evolved, the games have become insignificant for me and I have used it as a way to stay connected.

As Gravy Baby’s due date draws closer, I think about how we will use or not use Facebook as a way to announce his/her arrival.  You see, because some of you don’t know us very well yet, we are kind of private and personal people when it comes to labor and delivery.  We don’t like to tell people when I go into labor.  I don’t want people calling and asking how I am.  I don’t like people asking, “When is this baby going to come?”  I don’t like people to interrupt my time with my newborn and my husband in the hospital.

But most of all, it is our information and joy to share and I don’t like other people sharing things they have not asked our permission to share.  I have seen lots of people announce other people’s child’s birth and I often wonder if they received permission to do so.  I want to be the person to share the information with my family and friends.  I don’t want them to find out from someone else.   I want to be the one to share.

What we normally do after the baby is born is enjoy the baby all to ourselves, just Sean and me and my sister if she is available to be there.  Its our special time.  Then Sean normally goes and gets the kidlets and we introduce them to the baby and share the baby’s name and gender etc.  Then and only after all that shenanigans, we start calling our family.  We think it is important to share with our family first for many reasons.  I love to announce to them all the stats.  I love hearing their excitement.  I love leaving vague messages that require a call back. 🙂   We will call some friends and tell them too.  And finally, we’ll probably post it on Facebook.

With Caleb, who I had before 10 in the morning.  I actually wrote a blog post and posted it by that night.  Maybe I will feel good enough to do that again.

I look forward to announcing our newest arrival at the end of April/early May.  We hope that you share our joy with us.  But don’t be looking for a lot of updates about if or when I am in labor and if or when I go to the hospital or if and when the baby is born because we don’t plan on posting updates on Facebook and we hope you don’t post updates about us.  Just being honest with you all.  I know some people don’t care and share things freely, but that is just not who we are.  Thanks for understanding.


Sean and Susan

and the kidlets, all of them. 🙂

4 comments to Giving Birth In An Instant Information Age

  • Barbara

    you have my number…send me a picture 😉 bawhaaaaa

  • Tonia Pennington

    I think that is a great idea and that it is your business and that no one else should be posting things about you against your wishes. I wish you guys the best. Can’t wait to see the little one soon. Love you guys!

  • :sigh: You are such a control freak.


    Can’t wait to hear the news… when you are good and ready – until then, I’ll be praying – God’s will be done.

  • Couldn’t agree with you more!!!

    Being able to share the joyful news with others, BY THE PARENTS is one of my pet peeves!

    Can’t wait to hear the news. :0)

    Much Love & Blessings.

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