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How To Rescue a Crashed Hard Drive

You know the feeling, you turn the computer on and the dreaded blue screen pops up and windows won’t load.  Your hard drive has crashed.  Now you are glad you that you backed up all your files on a CD or DVD.  So, you get out that CD or DVD and put it into your computer when the new hard drive is installed and the files are all corrupt.  So, while you were faithful in backing up your documents and pictures, they are still lost.

Or are they?

You see, we have had some big computer issues in the last year.  “My” computer got a nasty virus last May.  And while the virus was removed, it was never the same again and Windows finally stopped loading.   We had saved all the pictures to an external hard drive so we knew they were safe, but not all the documents were backed up on the hard drive.

Sean’s computer hard drive crashed in July.  He had backed up all his files onto a CD.  When he got the CD out to load onto the other computer, all the files were corrupt.  Most of the files are from the 4 years he spent pastoring.  These files are irreplaceable.  He was crushed.

Two weeks ago a friend suggested those files are not lost forever just because I can’t access them by booting up the computer.  And I would not have to pay the Geek Squad or some other computer business $100’s of dollars to recover my data either.

So, what do I need to do.  I needed to buy a simple set of cables that would allow me to hook up my old hard drive to my new computer via a usb port and then just find the files and download them to the new computer hard drive.  Imagine our excitement when we hooked up the old hard drive to the cable and then to the other computer and the computer recognized the hard drive as an external hard drive.  After we found the files, we downloaded them to the computer.  What a joy.  Then we immediately saved them to the external hard drive.

We have yet to do “my” computer’s hard drive, but that will come with time.  I am excited to get that information back.  On that hard drive is two Sunday School series that I did for my 2’s and 3’s class.  They were fun series to do and took a lot of time to put together.  I was sad to not have a digital copy of them anymore.  I have paper copies, but there is something nice about having them all ready to just print.

I spent about $25 on a  Cables To Go 30504 USB 2.0 to IDE or Serial ATA Drive Adapter from Amazon and the rest was hooking it up right and then finding the files. I could have gotten one cheaper, but I wanted to make sure it worked well and would not fry the hard drive.  I thought it was worth spending the extra $15 to get a good set of cables.

If I can do it, you can do it too.  So if you thought you had lost all your files forever, don’t despair.

YouTube is a great resource for videos on how to save your files, hook up the cables and even if your hard drive was fried, there is a video on how to replace that circuit panel on your hard drive.

What techie thing are you going to try today?


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