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Thankful Thursday – Teaching Through the Bible

We have been blessed to be under great Bible teachers in the churches we have been in.  Last week I was thinking about what “series” has been the best series for me (during one of my late night sleep evading insomniac episodes) and it made me think very hard as to what God has blessed me with as far as teaching in scope and sequence of Scriptures.  It has reminded me of the different conferences and training times I have been a part of.  It was really hard to choose, but I decided that my favorite was the series we went through in Sunday School at our church in Iowa, Firm Foundations.  I actually taught the lessons to my young class of 0 – 3 year olds.


It was while I was having these deep thoughts late at night that I realized that series is something for which I am truly thankful.  It was great to go week by week through the Bible with the kidlets in my class, but the neat thing about it for me was not just that, but the fact that our entire church was doing it at the same time.  Actually, that is not true.  The adult class was always a week ahead.  That way, the fathers and mothers would be able to learn and then work on teaching and reinforcing to their families during the week and after the lesson was taught to their children.  The teachers were also able to listen to the lesson and get extra input into the lesson before we taught it.  We took weeks to go through the Creation account and I used all sorts of visuals to go along with it.  It actually reminds me that I should pull it out and we should go through it again as a family because it has been at least 2.5 years since we completed it.  Maybe next year I’ll do that as part of school. I loved going through that series as a church family.  It was nice to be able to talk to anyone in the church about what they were learning and know that we were all studying the same thing during Sunday School.  It was great to see how the entirety of Scripture points to Christ and God’s redemptive plan.


Now that I sit  here and write it out, it is not just the series for which I am thankful, but also for the fact that we were doing it as a family.  As a Mom of 6, then 7 children (at that time) I am thankful that we were able to discuss it week by week because we were all learning the same thing.  It really helped to draw our family together as one when we would discuss what we learned at church.


What teaching series are you most thankful for?


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