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The Joy of Music – Thankful Thursday

My mp3 player has a bad battery, well, not bad, but it just does not hold a charge very well.  That was OK until about 3 months ago when our power point in the car stopped working as did the cigarette lighter.  Now I can no longer use the mp3 player in the van, mostly because I keep forgetting to charge it in the house and then bring it out to the van.  So, we do not listen to a lot of music in the van because I am kind of picky in what we listen too.


But it is Christmas season and you know what that means, Christmas Music!!!!  I love Christmas music.  I have been known to listen to it year round.  From time to time I do enjoy a good “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” and “Rudolf” as they bring back sweet memories from my childhood.  Mostly, I love songs that focus on Christ and how He came to the world fully man and fully God to live a sinless life and eventually grow up to take our sin and pay the penalty for it.  He did not stay dead, he rose from the dead to conquer the power of sin and death.


There are so many songs that I love listening to during the Christmas season.  It is amazing what wonderfully theology can be found in Christmas songs.  This year as we drive in the van and listen to good solid music, I find great joy in listening to my children join in the singing.   It actually brings tears to my eyes to see the passion of their voices.


On the flip side, there are songs that are just annoying and make me want to vomit.  But even those songs make the season entertaining.  Certain kidlets have written their own lyrics to certain popular songs.   They are some creative kids.


I will be very sad when radio stations stop playing these songs, but until then, I will be thankful and enjoy it fully.



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