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Remembering Doria

Today is 12 weeks since we learned of the early home going of our dear friends’ daughter.  She was born still on August 18th, shortly before her due date.  Her name is Doria and her Daddy is blogging about his experience over here at Remembering Doria.


Erik and Becky are special to us because we became friends as Sean and Erik attended seminary together.  As the story goes, Erik and Sean caused some excitement (trouble) from time to time in their classes.  They also worked together while in seminary.  Even though 1000 miles now separate us, they are still special friends of ours.


While on vacation we were able to see them and even go to HuHot with them.  This was less than two weeks before Doria went home to be with Jesus.  It was great talking to Becky about their miracle baby.  It was so exciting to hear what God had done in their lives and how He was working in their lives through this baby.  It was truly a time of fellowship that I enjoyed and look back on fondly.


Who knew what would happen in the next two weeks?  God knew.  I remember where I was when we heard the news.  Another friend from seminary called to let us know what was going on so we could pray for our friends.  I know that was a hard phone call for him to make, but it freed Erik and Becky up from having to call everyone they knew.  Facebook has been a blessing to me during this hard time.  It is nice that they have shared openly with us, their friends, what has gone one.  It is nice that they don’t have to call people individually or for the facts to get distorted by people passing on info.  The instant news of Facebook has given us immediate opportunity to pray for them.


While we are sad that Doria is not here, we rejoice that she is safe and worshiping the Savior.  Erik and Becky have been a testimony of walking with God through the high mountains and the deep valleys.  I am sure they would give God the glory in all things.


When a woman is expecting, she is often asked, “Do you want a boy or girl.”  When we are asked this, we just say, “Whatever God wants.”  Often the response is, “Just as long as it is healthy.”  I hate that response.  Truly, we just want God’s will in all things.  Doria’s short life reminds us that we are all in the Lord’s hands and in His hands, we are safe.


This post is written in honor of Doria and to share her Daddy’s Blog with you, Remembering Doria.  I also wanted to share a few other blog sites with you to share how to respond or not to respond to someone after they endure the loss of a child or other loved one.  Here is a blog post that Molly Piper wrote after the death of her unborn baby.  There are a series of great posts linked on that post.  My friends who have suffered the loss of a child, born and unborn, have said this is a great resource if you have a friend who has suffered a loss.

Doria Charis we will not forget you.  You truly are God’s gift of grace.


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