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12 Point Overview of the Bible – Great Teaching Tool

I am always on the lookout for wonderful teaching tools, especially when it takes a complex tool and makes it simple.  Since I have gotten Queen Bee, my iPod Touch, I have been able to download and listen to more sermons.  The sermons have been a wonderful blessing and encouragement. I have subscribed to 3 podcasts, John MacArthur, Walk in the Word, and Northridge Baptist Church.  I have been trying to through some series and it has been encouraging.


Anywho, when we were in Iowa, one of my favorite series was the 12 Point overview of the Bible.  Pastor Kevin taught it to the kids in the FWAP program (Fun With A Purpose).  Because we thought it very important for us to be involved with our kids and know what they were learning so we could reinforce it at home and because I had some children who loved to play more than they liked to sit and listen, I sat in on the class while Sean taught the adults.  I recently found that those aids were available online, so I wanted to share it with you.


If you go to Northridge’s Teaching Page from 2012 from their website, you go down to September 30th and click on the mp3 12-Point Bible Overview – Part 1 – Old Testament, or you can just click on that link. It gives the points for the Old Testament.  For the second part of the series, go to October 7th, mp3 12-Point Bible Overview – Part 2 – New Testament.  If you only have time to listen to one, listen to the second one as it includes a “quick” review of the Old Testament points.  There is a great handout to go along with the sermon that I suggest you print off and even download for future reference.  12-Point Bible Overview Handout


I hope you find this series as helpful as I love it for my own use and study and it is a favorite for us to review during our family Bible time.  It is neat to see how God works through the entire Bible to accomplish what He wants to accomplish.



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