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Mundane Monday – Really Mundane

Yesterday I was going to write a blog post to post this morning, but instead, I acquired a headache that sent me straight to bed.  After my head stopped pounding close to 1:30 this morning, I came to write up a fun blog post today, but now photobucket is down.  I cannot post any pictures.  We had some fun pictures that I uploaded this weekend.  But, to be honest, even photobucket is being a bear.  It is switching to a new site and they have not worked out all the bugs.  I am hoping they work them out soon because I really like to use photobucket, but the pictures are unable to be shared at a decent size (too large for my liking right now) and in order to change them I need to do them each individually.  That is a lot of work for this busy Mom.  So that may all have to wait for awhile.  Oh, yesterday before the headache came on, I tried to upload some pictures but it kept timing out.  I thought at first it was an issue with our internet, but alas, it was not, it was photobuckets issue.


So anyway, here is a mundane post, Sean, the kidlets and I are listening to this great two part series from I Timothy 3.  It is encouraging, challenging, and wonderful.  We have not had our craft time this month, I am not sure we’ll get it in.  I have not written in the kidlets notebooks this month.  I need to do that.  I have done some baking and so has Abigail.  We have done some letter writing, but I need to make a more concerted effort to do a good job.  The kidlets are busy practicing their instruments.  We felt rich for about an hour after our federal tax return was deposited into our account, but I quickly wrote out checks and it is gone already.  We were able to retire 2 debts and pay for Bethany’s expander.  We have not been to the library in ages, we should really make our way there soon.  We continue to use our Blessings Jar and Prayer Cards.  We have begun working on memorizing Psalm 139.  God is good.


Until next time.



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