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Getting Started With the Silhouette Cameo

As I shared in May, I received a Silhouette Cameo as a gift.  It has been at the top of my wishlist for awhile.  I had downloaded the software and started downloading the free images.  Because I had not anticipated being able to buy one until after Sean graduated in December and/or our house sold, I did not work with it or get prepared to learn how to use it.


I am going to start a series for anyone interested in learning about the Cameo and how to get started.  I won’t be doing much original here, but rather sharing the resources that I used to learn how to use the Cameo.  I hope you can learn some great trick and learn from my mistakes.


First, even if you do not have a Cameo, you can download the software for free, Silhouette Studio.  Once you have downloaded the software, go to the main site and start downloading the free shape of the week.  Just scroll down a bit and you will see it in the middle of the bottom roll.  It usually changes on Tuesday and once in awhile they do a shape of the day, but I don’t always catch those.   You can collect all sorts of shapes for free.


Next swaggie (swagbucks for all of you who wonder what I am talking about you can earn “bucks” by searching and the redeem them for gift cards.  Completely free. ) Silhouette sites.  You will find all sorts of great sites, but here is my favorite site to find other sites. http://silhouettetop40.com/


There are really a lot of great sites to be able to find free cutting files. You can download them to your computer and use them in your Silhouette Studio software. Silhouette Studio allows you to open files in .studio, .gsd, .dxf, .png, .jpeg, .bmp, .giff, .tiff.  many sites offer files in .svg and other formats but the basic Studio software does not support those files.  There are programs that can convert them, so if you like the file, you can download it and covert it at a later time.  I don’t know how to do that yet, so I have not downloaded too many of those files.



There is a message board, Silhouette Plus that has a lot of great resources in one place.  A lot of sites offer files in various formats.



For now, that is it.  Next time I will talk about what are some good tutorials to watch to get started.  Remember, before you own the Cameo, you can download the software and get familiar with it.  Maybe you know someone who has a Cameo that would let you come and play.  Most of the work is done before you ever cut, so get those files ready to cut.


Until next time,







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