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Of Gas Money and Shoes – Thankful Thursday

Among my friends, I often say, “But God, but God, but God,” because if you search but God in Scriptures, it is amazing the things God has done for His people.  This week we are having VBS at our church.  Our church is a good 20 minute trip from our home.  Money is very tight.  We only had 2/5 of a tank on Sunday.  Sean’s jury duty check came on Saturday so he cashed that and we put gas in both the vans, but a $30 jury duty check does not go very far.  We went about life trusting God to provide money for gas.  Tuesday a check came in the mail from a class action settlement that we don’t remember applying for.  Wednesday Sean called to make sure it was legit.  It is.  He cashed it, we have enough gas in the van for the rest of VBS.  We could not have guessed how God would provide the money.  It is good to see God work.  It is a walk of faith and we are so thankful.


Last weekend while mowing the lawn, the heal in Thomas’ shoe came apart.  He loves these shoes so he was quite disappointed.  Tuesday night at VBS a man from church brought out a bag of shoes he had to pass along.  Thomas found 3 pairs of shoes, all of them nice name brand shoes.  One pair will be perfect for mowing the lawn and the other two will be nice for every day use.  We are so blessed and thankful.


God always provides, often not in ways we expect or in the time frame we want, but He always provides.  Praise God.



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