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Miss Teresa’s Cereal Drop Cookies

Miss Teresa’s Cereal Drop Cookies


We used to call these Miss Teresa’s Crack but someone said we should not make like of drug addiction and after thinking about it, I agree with their thoughts, so they are now Miss Teresa’s Cereal Drop Cookies.  I don’t know if they have a real name, but that is what we call them.  Miss Teresa sent some home with my kids shorty after Jeremiah was born and I think I ate 90% of what she sent home.  I called her to get the recipe, something I usually don’t do.  I even still have the message on my phone because I don’t want to loose it.  If you are dieting, don’t make this.


Here is the sweet mixture before it has melted in the pot.  Here we are using full size marshmallows, but since then we have used mini marshmallows in this recipe because they melt better.



Here is the cereal all measured out.  The bowl looks dirty, yes it does, but we were in the process of making batches and batches of them, so we just scrapped out the bowl between batches.





Here is the recipe with mini-marshmallows.  See how much easier it is melting?





Almost ready.





Joining the part in a bowl.





We made these for treats at church.  We discovered that cupcake liners are the best way to portion the bars out so they do not stick together yet are easy to distribute to a large group.  They cook very quickly and store easily.





But in all honestly, they don’t last long at our house, they seem to just disappear.


Miss Teresa’s Drop Cookies

6 cups of cereal.  Measure it and set it aside in a large bowl.  You can use cereal that you would make Chex Mix with.  Some use Kashi like cereal in the mix.  I have made it with all Crispex, 3 cups of rice chex and 3 cups of corn chex, and 2 cups each of rice chex, corn chex and Kashi cereal.

Over a low to medium heat melt the following

1 bag of marshmallows.  Mini marshmallows work better than full size, but both work.  We use the smaller size bag.

4T butter

1/2 c. chocolate chips

1/2 c. butterscotch chips

1/2 c. peanut butter

I prefer to have the cover on the pot and go very slowly so the mixture does not burn.  Keep a close eye on it and stir regularly.  Once the mixture is completely melted, add 6 cups of cereal.  Once the cereal is well coated, you can either put it in a pan to cut up, on parchment paper in globs or in cupcake liners in globs.  Enjoy.  Be careful, it is so very good, maybe even addicting.







































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