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Good Friday – In Christ Alone

I love the song, In Christ Alone. It is a song that I have a hard time sitting down while singing it. I have a hard time not crying while singing it. Singing and believing the words is just overwhelming to me at times. What God did for us, through Christ is so humbling and […]

Wonderful Grace of Jesus

Wonderful Grace of Jesus is a wonderful reminder of who The Song of God is and what He has done for us.  I have loved this song since the fist time I heard this song. 

Here is the story of the song and they lyrics.  How encouraging.

Wonderful Grace of Jesus

August 17th, 2008 | Category: Funeral Songs | Leave a comment

Wayne Watson Songs

So there are two songs that I love that Wayne Watson sings.  I am sure there are more than two, but these two remind me what my job and role is as a Mom.  I have loved these songs from the first time I heard them way back before children.  They were the prayer of […]

In Christ Alone

My friend and my favorite blogger, Jennifer inspired me with her blog post about a song from a funeral that she wants sung at her funeral. 

But because I’ll be dead and won’t be there to enjoy the music with you, I wanted to share it with you songs that I think represent why […]