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Ministry From The Home

What does ministry look like?  Seriously, what does ministry to others look like?



Most people relate ministry to teaching Sunday School or working in the nursery or some other highly visible ministry on Sunday mornings. 



As a Mom to five children, those things are not always possible.  Yes, I do teach Sunday School, but I would not consider that my biggest ministry. 



My biggest ministry is in my home.  First to my husband.  Providing a loving, comfortable place for him to fall into when he gets home from the world is my first priority in ministry. 



Second is my children. Not only do I need to give them a loving and warm home, but also, I need to teach them how to run a home some day.  I need to train them how to do simple and complex jobs.  Since they are small, we are working on the kitchen right now. 



Third, is my ministry to others, not just in our church, but people around us.  But how does a busy homeschooling Mom of many do ministry and still follow the Scripture of being a keeper at home?  By ministering from the home.



Some of my greatest memories as a teen are going over to an older woman’s home (she was not that old, but just older than me) and seeing how she ministered to her family.  Don’t get me wrong, my Mom was a wonderful Mom and I learned a lot from her, but all her children were older than me, as I am the youngest of the bunch. 



Julie, my older friend, and her husband were just starting their family so I got to see what it was like to be a pregnant woman, a new Mom, a new Mom again all while I was still in High School.



It was wonderful to see her relate to her husband.  It was encouraging to see her joyful attitude while changing stinky clothes diapers.  She took the time to minister to me while she was doing what God had called her to do, be a Wife, Mother, Keeper at Home.



Now why am I writing this today?  Two of my friends had babies last week.  They both have teenage girls that “could” make meals for them, but I wanted to make them each a meal.  I mean really, what is the difference between making a meal for our family,  or making a meal for 3 families?  It does not take that much more time and then the families with the new babies can not worry about supper, only enjoying their new babies.



So, off to finish making the meals and getting ready to deliver.



What have you done today to minister to someone?  How about….



Sending a card


Praying for them


Making a meal


Taking them cookies


Offering to watch their children so they can run errands childless


Borrowing them a great book you have read



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