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So, what is a Dad to do?

Last week I wrote about how I feel like Sean often misses out on the fun things with our children.  What I forgot to mention is what he does with the children in order to make up for the things that he misses out in.



We have recently started “Breakfast with Daddy” at our home.  Once a month Sean takes both boys out for breakfast on Saturday moring and then another Saturday,  he takes the older two girls out.  They love this time.  The children get to chose where they want to go.  Lately it has been Perkins or Village Inn.  Both are reasonably priced and child friendly.



What do they do?  I don’t really know.  Funny, seems I know lots when it comes to the children, but this special time is for them and Daddy, so I try not to ask too many questions.  All I know is they talk about it the entire week before and for the entire week afterward.  They are always disappointed when it is not their Saturday to go.



The $20 expense is well worth the fruit that is has born in our children.



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