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Sometimes Daddies Miss Out

OK as a Mom who gets the joy of staying home with my children, sometimes I feel like my husband really misses out on a lot of fun.  We have a family pass for the zoo, a science center and a living history museum.  I often take the children on adventures to these places when I am sick of being in the house or trying to entertain them. 


Now that Sean is working during the day, he does not often get to join us.  Yes, I try to take plenty of pictures, but it just is not the same.


Take for example yesterday.  Yesterday was Sean’s birthday.  What did he get to do for his birthday?  Well, he got the joy of getting up at 4:45 a.m. to go to work.  He worked until 2:30 and came home. 


We went to our favorite resturant, HuHots as soon as he got home from work.  After that, the kids took him mini golfing and by the the time we got home, he had to take our oldest to basketball camp at church.  He did not get to sit and relax until he got home at 9:15 that night. 


Oh anyway, sometime I wish that Dad’s could reture early and return back to work once the children are all grown up.  But, that is not God’s plan, so for now, Sean toils and toils providing for us.  What a blessing he is.


Now, there are days, that I wish that I could swith places with him and he could enjoy the adventure that is our family when they are crabby and sick.



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