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From $ 140 to $ 600 a month

When Sean and I were newly married, we did the envelope system for our finances.  Sean got paid every week, and every week, we put cash in envelopes for groceries, going out and gas.  Every week, we put $20 for gas,  $35 for groceries and  $40 to go out.   Even at $35 a week, we ate like the king and queen we thought we were. 

Now, we have grown to 8 people in our family and we spend an average of $600 a month on food, just at the grocery store and Costco.  Last week when I spent about $ 180 at the grocery store and the checker was surprised at the total and I just laughed.  And remember that we used to survive on $35 per week, I just laughed at how much our lives have changed in the last 10 years.

$600 a month for food, 10 years that would have been a crazy thought.  Today, its still a crazy thought, but on the other side.   There are times I long for the days that I have extra money to spend for groceries, but then I remember all the little birdie beaks who are fed with that money and I am no longer sad, well not too sad.  I so enjoy providing health and nutrition for my family.

So, how do I stretch the money to cover food for the month for all of us.  When ground beef is on sale, I buy as much as I can of it and then I brown most of it and freeze it in family size bags.

I shop when there are sales on food and stock up on the bargains for the week.  I cook out of my pantry and freezer when possible.

I don’t go shopping when I am hungry.

I shop with a list, and stick to it.

I don’t buy things that are not on the list.

I use our leftovers to make other meals.

I buy frozen pizza when its on sale and I buy a lot of it.

What are your money saving ideas.

2 comments to From $ 140 to $ 600 a month

  • momatpeace

    I just want to money map today and worked on our 2008 budget.

    I'm going to do something simliar — only with the computer. Put all my money in the checking account — then come home to the computer and divide it up each week… can't go over a certian amount each month — just quit spending. ::giggle:: Yeah riiiight!!

    Well — it's supposed to work that way.

    Guess what? I gave myself a raise to $600/month Costco/Fareway/Wal-Mart money.

    I had to cut my $5 coffee shop money. Sigh… it's a sad day.

  • emmaus

    Is that your child sucking her toe? To me that is a perfect illustration of determination.

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