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An Open Letter to all the people driving in our freshly falling snow.

Dear person who seems to have not learned how to drive in snow,

Yes, I know that we got a fresh coat of snow overnight, but let me remind you how to drive in the ice and snow covered roads.

First, slow down.  Now, this would seem obvious, but apparently you forgot this is the first rule in adverse driving conditions.

Second, four wheel drive does not mean that you won’t ever slide off the road or crash into someone.  Remember, there is ice under them there roads and you need to remember that four wheel drive does not help in ice.  You can slip off just as easily.

And speaking of ice, thirdly, when driving on a road covered with a layer of ice under the snow, putting the pedal to the medal to get up the measly hill by our house only burns gas and rubber off you of your pretty little snow tires.  It gives you no extra traction.  If anything, you want to do small pulses on the gas pedal as this will actually help your tires get traction.  But, it is entertaining to watch you spin your tires to no avail when you put the pedal to the floor.  You are also serving as a good example of what not to do when driving in the snow to my young children.

Fourthly, Slow down.  Did I say that already?  Well, its that important.  I don’t just mean slow down when you are driving, but when you see a stop and go light or a stop sign.  You will need to slow down much earlier than you normally do because of the ice under the snow.

Finally, use your horn.  No, not just at random times.  But rather if you realize that you are not going to be able to stop in time for the light or the stop sign, lay on the horn.  Don’t just scream wildly in your car where no one can hear you, not even your passengers because you have already made them deaf.  But use that horn to warn other drivers, not only behind and in front of you, but those waiting at the intersection that you are having a hard time stopping. 

Now, I am sure I missed things here, but you get the idea.  And why are you out anyway?  The forecasters told us about this storm 5 days ago, you should have a house full of food and movies already.  Now, go home and enjoy your children and the warmth of your own home.


7 comments to An Open Letter to all the people driving in our freshly falling snow.

  • TribeMommy

    will these rules ever be useful for me?

    Love your open letters!

  • CheeseheadMama

    Sharon, you can use these tips when you come and visit us.


  • momatpeace

    After you visit her — then come visit me!!! But drive careful — ya hear??

    Susan… can you believe they canceled school? We only got about 2" of snow. So of course after school stuff is canceled. No wrestling practice. What does my dh do? He takes the boys to a practice that is 1 hours away — where they didn't cancel school. LOL He's addicted! Yes he is.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. Now that I see what an open letter is — I just might be able to do something like that. Maybe… I'll put it on my list. Ü


  • CheeseheadMama

    lol…no cancelled school today, but maybe they should have. The roads were quite icy under the snow. It is gonna be so cold. We filled the van with gas tonight.

    I can't wait for you to do the open letter.


  • Dutchy

    People are crazy here when it snows. We have had snow for over a month now. We haven't lived here very long and we drive like chickens…smart chickens. People pass us all the time and often it seems they must not fair well…For we catch up to them and they are going slow again! 🙂

  • PosterGirl

    You're it! Hope you can play? Just post seven random things about yourself, and then pass the fun along to seven other bloggers. Glad I found your blog!



  • PosterGirl

    We've only had a smidgen of ice where I live- enough to make driving a challenge for a short while. But we haven't had ANY accumulated snow this year! Lots of cold, winter days, but no snow. Reading your post kind of makes me thankful for that! lol



    PS LOVE that avatar!!!

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