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An Open Letter to the Guy Who Gave Me the Birdie Salute Today

Dear Young Man,

I am sorry that you were so annoyed by my driving today.  I only turned left quickly to stop almost immediately for the long line of cars at the stop and go light.  I assumed that you were planning on stopping at the same light behind the line of 10 cars.  I assumed that you were even being a kind and courteous driver and you were slowing down because you had noticed that I had been waiting for over a minute at the stop sign to get onto the always busy road.  I assumed that you were one of those rare kind divers who was not in a rush. 

I am so sorry that I assumed the best about you.  But alas, my kind thoughts of you were quickly shattered when you laid on your horn and made a fool of yourself by continuing to show your displeasure by giving me the birdie salute.  But I won’t lose heart, I won’t let one foolish person steal my joy or stop me from giving people the benefit of the doubt.  

You may wonder why I did not return your birdie salute in kind, but gave you the big thumbs up instead.  I just wanted to let you know that I saw your salute and won’t let it steal my joy in the Lord. 

So, here’s to you….

Have a great day and go and salute no longer.


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