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Earth Day

Last week was earth day and my friend Jennifer and I went to the local Botanical Center together.  It was free.  That’s really why we went.  Even though it was free, we still spent enough money because we went to Burger King for lunch and let the children play while we talked.  We don’t see each other that often, so it was really a blessed time.

Because it was Earth Day, there were a lot of environmentally friendly activities going on in the city that day.  Lots of people cleaning up garbage.  (Although no one in our neighborhood was cleaning up garbage.  Note to self, call the middle school across the street and suggest that next year for their Earth Day project they clean up the sidewalks and boulevards of the homes surrounding the school because students are the primary culprit for adding to the trash that it deposited along those areas.)  People picking up garbage around the river and in other public areas.  Ok.  I only remember people picking up garbage. 

And its not that there is anything wrong with picking up garbage, that’s a good thing.  But I am opposed to making a holiday that celebrated the created earth and its filth over the Creator Himself.  We do not celebrate Earth Day, per se.  We celebrate God in every day of our lives and because we love God and want to honor him we strive to make wise choices in what we use and do in order to protect and honor what he created.  We try to buy used when possible.  We try to recycle, and the older the kidlets get, I get better.  We try to conserve when possible, but not to save the earth, but to honor God.

I hope you are doing what you can to  honor God by the way you live your life.


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