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Des Moines Floods 2008 – Part 3

So the levee broke.  The neighborhood that is just north of the pictures in the first post is now flooded.  As a matter of fact, they had to remove the levee over the road so the high waters from the neighborhood could flow back down into the river.  I have not gone back to that area  to take pictures, for obvious reasons, but we did venture out this weekend to take pictures.  I am still amazed at the power water can have.

Saturday we took Sean out for lupper for Father’s Day.  We usually go through downtown, but since the two bridges over the river now have water over the road, we took I80/I35 around the north side of town. 

Here is the sign notifying motorists that the two bridges that go over the river to connect the north side of town to the downtown are closed due to water over the road.  The detour was quite extensive because there are only a few ways to get over the river and one of those roads was the road being used by dump trucks to work on the levee so the city was asking people to not use that route. 

We headed to the north side of town.  These areas never have water.  Well, some do, but I will point those out. 

This area is usually  beautiful green grass.  I actually think that there is some sort of landing strip to the right of that mound.  Or, there used to be.  So that area was higher than the ground around it.

This is some sort of gravel yard.  There is usually a small lake there, but nothing like this.

Here is a baseball field on the south side of the interstate. 

Here is a fence.  Can you see the fence?

Can you see it now?  No, you can’t, its under water.

Here is the flooding creeping up to a house right of the interstate.  Sorry, I know the picture is bad. 

Here are baseball fields  Yes, you can sort of see the fences that separate the fields.  Now, granted this area does get wet during really rainy times, but never like this.

Here is our former dream house.  Out in the country.  On an acreage.  But now, under water.  I have no desire to live on low land anymore, no matter how many acres it comes with.

There is a road that goes in front of the homes that is completely covered with water.  The road is just beyond the patch of grass after the first lake.

Heading further west, we are getting close to where the river should be.

Beyond the trees is where there is a small river that branches off of the Des Moines River. 

We are now going over the Des Moines River.  Usually we can see actual shore line on both sides.  The trees that are usually on the shore, now seem to be part of the river.

Here is a walking bridge that does not go over the Des Moines River.  It is a spillway for when the Des Moines River overflows, but that does not happen often.  There is rarely water in that ravine.

So, my dear husband

dropped me off by our church so I could take more pictures.  So, here I am 8 blocks from our home.  Here is a picture where you can see our church…  Its the corner of 6th and Euclid.
Its the building on the far left side of the street.

Now, I crossed the street and turned around so you can see where the levee was breeched.

Hard to see?  I’ll go about a block closer.

That is water over the roadway right before the bridge to cross the river.  This is adjacent to the Birdland Park of Des Moines that was evacuate and flooded.

Now I walked down to 2nd Ave.  Partly because we have friends that live down there and I wanted to get pictures of their home on my blog and partly because that is where the media was hanging out.  I wanted to get pictures of them.

Looking up towards Euclid on Second Ave.  Quite an elevation change.

Same spot on Second Ave. but looking south towards the flooding.  Again, quite a slope change.

I need to get closer to get a better picture.  This is where all the activity was happening.  Not too much activity.

Here is as far as I could go. 

Did you see all that water.  Most of that water came from beyond 6th Ave. to the west.  The pictures you saw before.  It kept flowing east towards the park (that I featured in my first flood report) and the Birdland Neighborhood.

Panning to the left to get my friend’s home.  The one with the blue mini-van in the driveway.
Notice the men sitting on the lawn,  the man in the street is the same as the previous picture.  So,  you can see how close they are to the flooding, yet the elevation change is so dramatic that if they got flooded out, so would the bridge and all of downtown.

My last shot is of the media trucks.
Overall they did a good job of coverage.  Well, the local media did a good job.  The national media that is another story.  I will blog on that at a later time. 

I hope you enjoyed reliving the floods of 2008 with me.  Des Moines’ damage and flooding was minor compared to the eastern part of Iowa.  Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids and Iowa City sustained substantially more damage and will take substantially longer to recover.  I can only image the devastation they have experienced.  Some say it reminds them of what New Orleans looked like after Hurricane Katrina. 


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