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Fantasy Vacation

The phone rings and you are informed that you have won an all expense paid trip for one week.  Where are you going?  What will you do there?  Who, if anyone, are you taking with you?  Is there anything special you are bringing? 

I would want to take my family to Panama and visit Melva, my long lost sister who we hosted while I was in High School as part of an exchange program.  Oh how I miss her.  She spent 9 months with us when Thomas was only 1.5 years old.  Since then we have had 5 more children and she has not met any of them. 
I think my children would love to meet her and her family.  While there, I would love to see the Panama Canal and the rain forest.  Panama is such a different environment than ours, I think we could spend the entire week there and just enjoy God’s creation.

I would also love to go to Panama because The Panama Canal is such a modern wonder.  It would be awesome to see another continent from the Panama Canal.


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  • momatpeace

    I read a really thick book about the Panama Canal once. Wow — was it thick. The reason I finished it was because it was VERY interesting!! That's when and where they discovered that mosquitoes carried diseases. Just one of many things they discovered. They invented a lot of things to build that canal. Invention being the mother of necessity. (Is that how that goes?) What a interesting post. Thank you for sharing!

    Take some mosquito repellent if you go. 😉 (and don't mistaken mosquito for misquote like Firefox does — won't do you a lick of good).

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