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Of handwritten notes and memories

Saturday was work day at our church.  After deep cleaning the nursery and the toys therein, I took the children down to Sean’s office to cool off and rest.  I was tired.  You know how hard cleaning is for me.  ::giggle::

I was sitting at Sean’s desk and started decluttering it.  I was working on his top drawer when I saw my Mom’s handwriting.  It was a card she sent to me in college.   There was nothing special about the envelop or the card.  But when I opened it, the flood gate of memories was released and I was transported back in time.

My Mom was so faithful at writing me notes every week while I was in college.  They were not earth shattering in content, but always brought a smile to my face.  This letter was no different.  She shared about how school in my home town had been canceled due to a big snow storm.  (Which is funny because I lived 40 miles away, so we most likely received the same snow storm.)  She shared about having to walk home from choir practice because she could not find the car keys, which were in the ignition of the car.  She shared her embarrassment of not finding them. 

She included two newspaper clippings.  One of the high school gymnastics team and one of two recipes that won a contest from the local grocery store.  Of course, one of the winning recipes was her hamburger soup recipe. 

Reading through the letters made me realize what a lost art writing letters has become.  Letters have been replaced with phone calls, e-mails and text messages.  I am not opposed to any of these things, but I do think that they have made hand written letters delivered via the mail system even more special and meaningful.

Realizing the importance of the hand written word has inspired me to try to write letters more often.  We have friends who we visited while in Wisconsin do not use internet access very much, so in order to stay in touch, we usually phone.  But with six children each, that is becoming increasingly difficult.  So I have decided that as a family we are going to start writing them letters.  They boys can write to their boys and our girls can write to their girls.  And I can write to the Mom.  It will be fun.  I cannot wait to get going on this and surprise them with a little package from us to them.

So, my challenge to you.  Take 10 minutes, pull out some pretty stationary and write a letter today.  You may even want to include a newspaper clipping, just for fun.

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