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Protected: Baby 7-UP Has Arrived

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Happy Thanksgiving

What a wonderful day to celebrate with my sister and her four children.  We had so much fun the last week.  We laughed, we napped, we walked, we went to the Science Center, we ate pizza, we just enjoyed each other’s family. 

Today after lupper (combination of lunch and supper) and dessert, she left […]

10 Things You Should Say to a Pregnant Woman

1.  You look beautiful. – This does not really need an explanation.  I don’t think any woman can hear this enough, pregnant or not.

2.  You are a great Mom. – Again, no explanation really needed, right?  Well I’ll give one anyway.  Its so hard to not get down on oneself during pregnancy, a Mom […]

10 Things to Never say to a Pregnant Woman

1.  You are huge. – I personally don’t even think this needs an explanation.  But truth be told this is something you should never say to any woman.

2.  You are so small are you sure you are that far along? – When women get to the end of their pregnancy, they want to be […]

Things to do before Baby 7-Up is born

My hope is to update this every week and get lots of stuff crossed out.  Here is my to do list in no particular order.

Updated 10.20 two things done. added one more. Updated 10.27 Completed a number of things.  Added a couple more. November 3.  Lots more stuff crossed out….still lots to do. November […]

Our Name Rules

Yes, I realize that we are getting down to the wire with choosing a name for Baby 7-UP.  I think the law in Iowa is that the parents have 6 months or a year to decide on a name, so I guess we are really not under the gun too much. 

We are very […]

Protected: Election Day 2008

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

The Pregnancy Burger – Worless Wednesday