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Welcome 2009

With every new year, we as a family always make new commitments and goals.  This year we had a family meeting on New Years Day and we each set 3 new goals for the year and then some family goals.

Three goal?  Why 3 goals you ask.  Well, thanks so much for asking.

We based our 3 goals on JOY.  Jesus, Others, Yourself.

The Jesus goal is a goal to strengthen our relationship with God.

The Others goal is to help us deal with and relate to others in a better way.

The Yourself goal is a new skill we want to learn or develop.  Its not to be selfish, but rather a thing to learn and grow in.

So, what are mine.

J – I want to finish reading through the Bible this year.  Last year with my difficult pregnancy and then the headaches, it made hard to read outside of my Daily Devotion time and I love my daily devotions (which I will blog about) and did not want to give that up. 

O – I really need to focus on the way I talk to my children.  Sometimes the volume goes up in my voice just to be heard over the noise that 7 children bring.  But, more often, the volume goes up due to my own sin and frustration.  I need to get back to focusing on the way I talk, to let it be honoring to God and encouraging to the hearer.

Y – I want to scrapbook regularly and faithfully to get caught up to 2008.  I am done with 2004 and into 2005.  I love doing it and it brings such joy to my children’s faces when they see the story of their lives in albums.

I am excited to pursue these things faithfully and purposefully.

Wanna know what we have for goals as a family?  Well, you’ll have to come back for those.


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