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25 Day of Christmas

My friend, Melissa, over at Coffee With Me gave me this great idea to do a Countdown to Christmas.  Thanks for the inspiration Melissa.  These are the special things we plan to do on each day of the coming month.

Countdown to Christmas

1.  Thomas, Nathan and Abigail pick two songs to play for the family.  The other kidlets and Mom pick out a song or two to sing for the family.  These are songs we are going to practice through the month.

2.  Clean, deep clean.

3.  Call Grandparents to say “hi” and chit chat.

4.  Paintball and Party

5.  Make Christmas Card

6.  Play Games and wrap exchange presents and celebrate Bethany’s 7th birthday.

7.  Go to the dentist and give them “candy canes”.

8.  See Gravy Baby and go out for Ice Cream or donuts.

9.   Make cards

10.  Spoil Mommy.

11.  Decorate the house.

12.  Invite people for lunch after church.

13.  Make ornaments.

14.  Make our Blessing Tree.

15.  Play games.

16.  Call Uncle Ted and sing to him the Go To Bed Song.

17.  Make treats for Caroling.

18.  Go look at Christmas lights.

19.  Hand out “special things” at church

20.  Watch a Christmas movie.

21.  Go caroling (do you want to join us?)

22.  Drink hot chocolate and sing Christmas songs as a family.

23.  Bake cookies.

24.  Call Great – Grandmothers and sing Christmas carols.

25.  Read Bible of Christ’s birth, sing songs and open presents.

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