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You Can Now Comment

I did not realize that I had the blog set up to only allow registered people to comment until someone pointed it out to me.  So, I have modified that.  Anyone can now post a comment.  You need to sign your name (does not have to be your full name or even your real name, although it would be helpful if it were your real name, so I know who you are) and leave your e-mail address (but that won’t be published).  If you have a website, leave that if you want.  I like to read other people’s blogs and if someone leaves their own website or blog, I will sometimes visit their site from the comment.  Its a fun way to find new or interesting blogs.  And as a blogger, I like to go to people’s blogs that leave me comments.  Its a great way to find new fun blogs and new “friends”

My one disclaimer is that I don’t know how to do track backs and all that, so if I use something from your blog, I will link it here, but I don’t know how to let you know that I used it.  I do try to always give credit where credit is due.

I love, love, love comments, so please go back and feel free to comment on anything I have written.  I believe I have it set up for me to moderate all comments, but it may be set up to let you comment post once you have on moderated comment approved.  This blog thing, so fancy and still new to me.


3 comments to You Can Now Comment

  • Lisa

    just to show that I do indeed read what you have to say. As does deb the librarian. So was I right about the fabric?

  • Ann

    YAY! I’ve gone to comment a few times and couldn’t 😉 So here you go ! A COMMENT! 🙂

  • 🙂 I am going to blog one of these days about how much I miss my library in Iowa. I am very disappointed in the library system here. I am struggling with how to word it without totally putting down the library system here. They do the best they can with what they have, but it is not nearly as nice as what we are used to. Oh and the summer reading program here is, well, … .

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