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My Poor Homely Blog

There are days that I look at other people’s blogs and I see these beautiful blogs with the fancy plug ins and pretty pictures and I wish I could do that fancy stuff to. They are so pretty to look at. I love going there and reading because they looks so pleasant.

Then there are blogs that are overkill and I forget I am looking at a blog because all I see are advertisements and fancy moving things. Unless they are something I really want to read, I click right off those blogs.

My least favorite blogs to visit are blogs that have music playing on them without the ability to stop the music easily and quickly. On the laptop, its not as big of a deal because I usually have the speaker off, but even then, it really slows the loading of the blog down (we do not have fast internet). If you have a blog that has music on it, please put a widget or whatever its called that I can stop the music. There are many blogs I would read much more regularly if they did not have music playing.

Then there is my little homely blog. No you don’t have to say its OK, I am Ok with how it looks. There will be time in the future that I will be able to spend hours working on my blog, but that is not my season right now. Now my season is growing babies, nurturing my kidlets, instructing my kidlets and training them up in the fear and admonition of the Lord. My present season is to provide a safe place for my husband to land. My present season is to love the Lord and take care of my family.

Truth be told, my blog really does reflect me and who I am. I am a simple woman who does not take a lot of time to make my home beautiful. I like simple. I don’t like to spend my time, evergy or money making my home look beautiful (much to my sister and SIL dismay, they have the talent to decorate that I simply was not blessed with.) When I blog, its more about the words and pictures that I post than about all the pretty widgets and fancy link things. (I really don’t even know what a widget is.)

I started blogging so I could keep a digital record of our lives and to keep our family and friends, who live far away from us, up to date. I hope the little insights into our lives are enough to keep you coming back even if its just a homely little blog.

One day the kidlets will be grown and gone and I will have plenty of time to fill with other interests. Until then, I will have a homely blog. Or maybe not. I should teach one of my kidelts to do that fancy computer stuff and they can make my blog less homely and more homey. πŸ™‚


2 comments to My Poor Homely Blog

  • Your blog is one of my favorites, homely or not. I love getting little glimpses of your family and wish there were less miles between here and there! I have often thought the same thing about my blog, I’ve wanted to switch to wordpress for a year, but I don’t have time to figure it out. My life is more than my blog.

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