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My Amish Blog

I once saw a movie or documentary that said  Amish women would purposefully make a mistake or two in their quilt to show their imperfection and as an acknowledgment that only God is perfect.  I have since found out that is a myth, much to my disappointment.  Even in my disappointment, I still use that story/myth to justify my “purposeful” mistakes.  Most are not purposeful, they are simply because truth be told, none of us are perfect.   If you have read my blog for any period of time, you will notice that I have many “Amish mistakes” in my writing.  They could be spelling mistakes or misplaced commas or run on sentences.  The possibilities are truly endless as to where you will find mistakes when you read here.


I am truly disappointed that my Amish Quilt Mistake story is not real.  It has really helped me see people’s mistakes in light of who God is.  You know we humans make mistakes every day.  Sometimes they are small, sometimes they are large.  But we all do it.  It can be very embarrassing and remembering that others are not perfect makes it easier, so much easier, to overlook other people’s mistakes.


It has made me realize that I don’t always need to point out someone else’s mistake.  They probably already know about it or have had others point it out to them, often in a not so nice or discrete way.  Especially when the mistake is made by someone in a leadership position.   When one is in a leadership position, their mistakes are often magnified.  Instead of contributing to that magnification, I have learned to just overlook it and enjoy the fact that no one is perfect.  A little grace goes a long way in these situations.



2 comments to My Amish Blog

  • I agree with you-it is a good thing to overlook mistakes. We all make so many & it is good to grant grace. I had heard that story about Amish quilts, too & thought it was true. 🙂 Holly

  • Esther

    I love & simply adore, people who can be transparent and up front and personal! Knowing that they too make mistakes, reminds me that they are human and so am I. I look up to people who admit they aren’t perfect. :0) Thanks for the encouraging words and reminders.

    I love the amish quilt story. However, I too am saddened that it’s not true. :0(

    Much Love & Blessings,

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