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I Am Becoming Quite The Computer Tech

The dreaded pop up appeared on the computer screen.  “Your computer is infected with 31 threats, updated your Windows 2011 Anti virus now’  or at least something along that lines.  Now, I know we don’t have Windows anything for antivirus protection and I knew I had seen something similar before, on our computer that became infected with a terrible virus a year before.  I was not going to let this virus steal another computer from us.

I had been told to not press the “x” to get rid of it, but rather “control, alt, delete” to pull up the task manager and then end the program that way.

I could no longer pull up firefox to look for a solution.   I got out Sean’s computer and started to search for a solution using the search engine.  That is how I found my new favorite site, Malware Help(not really, but there is a lot of useful stuff on that site.)  I found the page that showed in a very basic way How to remove Windows 7 Security Virus.   Whoever made up this virus did a good job at imitating Windows and it looks like a legit thing, so make sure you know what to look for.  Read through the second link and see the screen shots that are posted.  That little thing could save your computer.  I would even suggest downloading the things they suggest on your computer as a preemptive move.

I am happy that we had an extra computer that I could find the solution to the virus and remove it before it did damage to our computer.  Please don’t make the same mistake I did.  I had not updated my malware program in over 100 days.  Had it been up to date, I am sure it would have caught it.  My anti-virus software was up to date, but did not catch it.  So, have a couple of lines of defense available on your computer.



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