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1st Friends For Life

Have you heard about 1st Friends For Life?  The first I heard about it was when we lived in Iowa and the Channel 13 would air a segment every month on the last day of the month and the 1st of the month.  It was a short public service announcement to remind women to do their monthly breast self-exam (BSE) to check themselves for changes that may indicate the beginning of breast cancer.  It also encouraged the viewer to call their friends and remind them to do their monthly breast self-exam.  It was a great reminder to be active in the early detection of breast cancer.

When we moved to North Carolina I tried to search their website for the psa but have been unable to find it.  Here is the article that explains it well. I love the concept of early detection of cancer and breast cancer is such a sneaky cancer, yet it can be detected early and when detected early, there is great success in defeating it.  There may be lots of debate about the best way to catch breast cancer via medical tests and exams, but a self-exam is a great way that any woman can feel changes in her breast and bring it to the attention of their doctor.

If you are like me and often forget to do  your monthly self-exam, join the “1st Friends for Life” Facebook page and be reminded on the1st of every month to do your exam.

The 1st of the month is not the best day for everyone to do their monthly exam.  That is a great time for pregnant woman, post-menopausal woman, basically any woman who is not having a monthly period.  If you are still menstruating, it is usually best to do your self-exam a week after your period when you are no longer swollen and sensitive.  Try to do it about the same time after your period every month.  The important thing is to do it and do it monthly.


Today is August 1st, please do your BSE today and call, e-mail, text or message your good friends, your 1st Friends for Life.



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