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The Finger Sweep

AKA – How to Diagnose and Appendicitis without a CT Scan.


When I was in high school, our spring break was different from friends that lived in Sun Prairie.  I went to her house on Thursday night so I could go to class with her on Friday and then I spent the weekend with her.  In her biology class, her teacher shared with them how doctors used to diagnose an appendicitis.  For some reason, those remarks stuck in my head.  Good thing, I have had to use it three times in our own family and have shared it with anyone who has stomach pain or children.  We call it the finger sweep, although a child or two I know calls it the thumb sweep.


Without further ado,




And Nathan (I made him tuck his shirt in so you can easily see where your thumb should go.)



And just a reminder, that I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on tv.



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