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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Today is October1st.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  I assume you already know that.  I hate it.  Gasps erupt from both of my readers.  With my family history, one would think I would love the promotion of awareness of breast cancer, but truth be told, I hate the exploitation of breast cancer by marketing of companies in the name of breast cancer awareness.  I hate that it is cool to turn everything pink for a month. But what happens when the month turns to November and most people get on with the rest of their lives?


But I also don’t like it because it focuses on typical breast cancer and mostly leaves out Inflammatory Breast Cancer.  This is a very deadly cancer mostly because of lack of education and research.  Too many young women are afraid to bring it up to the doctors and too many doctors are unaware and uneducated about the sign and symptoms.


So this month, educate yourself on IBC and let your friends know what it is and how they can detect it.  Doing monthly breast self exams is an important habit for all women to get into.  If you keep forgetting to do yours, join 1st Friends for Life on Facebook and get a monthly reminder.


And most of all, don’t forget to minister to those around you who are dealing with hard times.  Instead of reminding them of cancer, look for ways to be help them, serve them and encourage them.  Bring a meal to someone who needs it, or maybe they don’t, but would be blessed by it anyway.


Oh and finally, I challenge you to eat dessert first at least once this month, in honor of my Mom, Beth, who died in 1998 after a reoccurrence of cancer that began as breast cancer in her 40’s.   When her cancer reoccurred, she decided it was important to eat dessert first from time to time, because life is too short.  So we do that at our home as a way to honor her love for life.



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