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Thankful Thursday – Socks

It has been a beautiful fall in North Carolina.  Lots of sun.  Lots of leaves.  No snow.  Beautiful warm days.  Cool crisp nights.  I love it.  I do not miss the snow.  I know our peeps up north have had a few snow storms already.  I do not envy them.  With the cool nights and warm days, heat has not been terribly necessary, but my toes get cold at night so I have to get back into the habit of wearing socks to keep them warm.  I love socks.  They keep me from stubbing my toes on various objects that I should really learn to avoid.  They keep my feet toasty warm.


Warm socks remind me of my Grandma M. sitting on the couch darning sock after sock after sock each night she was at our house to visit when I was a child.  And then I am reminded to be thankful for inexpensive socks as Nathan seems to be able to go through a pair of socks each week.  That boy can put holes in socks like there is no tomorrow.  Then I am reminded at how thankful I am for children to put holes in socks.  Then I am reminded that energy is being used by God to grow those children into young men and ladies who love and serve the Lord.  Then I am reminded that my life is not my own, but it bought by God through Jesus’ death on the cross.  Then I am reminded that Jesus is not dead, but he has risen so that we are not longer under the power of sin, but we are made alive to live for the Lord.  What  freeing thought.  I am no longer a slave to sin, but free to live for the Lord!


Thank You for a beautiful North Carolina fall.  Thank You God for socks.  Thank You for my Grandma who used to darn my socks.  Thank You for my children who put holes in their socks.  Thank You for saving the souls of the ones You have saved so far.  Thank You for the souls You will save in the future.  Thank You for sending Jesus to pay my sin penalty.  Thank You for freeing me from sin and freeing me to live a life that pleases You.   Thank You for all You do for me everyday, even if I don’t take the time to stop and realize them.   Help me to be more aware of who You are and what You have done in our lives every day.



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