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Snow? – Thankful Thursday

Right now it is raining and 45 degrees.  We have reached our high for the day.  We are under some sort of winter storm warning or advisory or something. A cold front is on the way to the east cost.  “They” are predicting 4 – 6 inches of snow.  Last night the news said 2 – 3 inches.  We shall see.  I hear the stores are out of bread, milk and toilet paper (and likely junk food and beer).  OK, I have not heard that, but they may be on their way to running out.  The local school system has cancelled the evening activities.  Some are joking referring it to it as Snowpolcolypse.


Who is laughing now?


I am.


The south is not equipped to deal with snow or even ice for that matter, so it is better if they all stay home when it snows and it is good that schools close down when it snows.  It is just hard to not find it funny for this northerner.  We have plans to go sing some hymns with a dear friend in the hospital tonight.  I hope we can still go.  Who knows what the road conditions will be like.


Why am I thankful? I have several kidlets who are thrilled at the prospect of snow.  They have giggled whenever a snow total was given.  It makes me smile.  I do not miss the snow, not one bit, but they do.  They were very disappointed last winter when we only received a dusting of snow two times all winter.  They thought we were going to get no snow this year, but hopefully that will change today.


I will be honest and tell you that I will believe we will get snow when I see it, but until then, who knows.  With the mountains to the west of us, the weather that is predicted may not actually arrive.  No snow day for our family, time to get moving and start school.




I may let them go out and play in the snow tomorrow, if it sticks around, before we start school.  If we don’t let them play as soon as it comes down, they may not get to because it will melt just as quickly as it came.

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