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A Fisher Price High Chair Cover Tutorial

Through 9 kidlets I have had a lot of high chairs.  Presently we have a Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair.  I love this high chair.  Out of the 3 or 4 previous high chairs, this one exceeds them all.  But, the cover we have, well, it is gross.  Whoever thought the plastic material they used was a good option must not have been a parent.  It was horrible.  It got moldy easily on the back and it was just gross.  It also was not supposed to be washed in the washing machine.  It made me wonder if they had any actual parents working in their design department.  I finally decided I would try to make a new cover, but alas there were no tutorial online that I could use.  I set out to make my own pattern.


I traced the old cover.   I then folded the pattern in half and did my best to make it even.  I cut it out of paper and then cut out a piece for the upper part.  Then I got out my material.  (You will see various material here because I forgot to take all the pictures when I made my second one.)


First, you need to cut two of these out.  I used regular or flannel for one layer and PUL for the second layer, but really you can use fabric for both.  I also cut a piece of batting out for just a bit of padding.  You fold the material and place the pattern on the fold.


You also need to cut two of these smaller pieces.  This will help to hold the cover on the high chair.



I do not cut batting for this small piece.  Sew the two small pieces together, right sides facing each other.  Then turn it right sides out and sew just the curved bottom hem, this helps give it a finished look.



Next you are going to get out all the pieces you cut and layer them.  Bottom layer is the PUL/fabric, right side facing up.


Then you put the small piece that you sewed together previously down, matching fabric together.



Then the other piece of fabric, right side down, wrong side facing you.



Finally you put the batting on top and pin together.



Sew all the layers together, I start at the bottom and sew around, leaving at least 4 inches so that you can turn it right side out through that hole.  After you turn it right side out, make sure the seams are all sewn properly and you did not miss a layer or a spot in a layer.  Then sew around most of the cover, starting just below where the back meets the front.  Sew around, making sure to pin and sew closed the hole you used to turn it right side out.  Sew until you reach the other side where the back meets the front.

I am sorry there are no pictures of this.

Next you have to sew up the hole where the leg divider goes.  I simple make a small diagonal cut in each corner and fold the material under to make a nice seem.  I sew a straight line to secure and then zigzag over it to make a nice finished edge.


It may seem complicated, but really, it sews together so nicely.  I hope you can make your own cover and enjoy a stash of easily washable high chair covers.


Here are some I made for our crew to use.


One of the things I like about them is that they are reversible and machine washable.  It makes clean up so much easier.  All I have to do it take it off and put it in the wash.




Small update 2 September 2014

I have found the pattern, well I had found the pattern and cut out some new pieces to double check for accuracy.  Then we went on vacation/a job hunting trip and my husband got a new job, halfway across the country.   We had to quick drive home, 1100 miles and then pack the house and move all within 3 weeks.  From job offer to arriving in the new city, it was just under 3 weeks.  We arrived here almost 2 weeks ago and we are still surrounded by boxes and such.  We started school today.  One of my first goals is to find the pattern, sew up some covers and then upload the pattern.  Thank you for your patience.



15 comments to A Fisher Price High Chair Cover Tutorial

  • Marley

    Brilliant! You should start an Etsy store in your free time!!!

  • sara mckee

    I had to do that too. I had two perfectly good high chairs that I liked but the covers were shot. I called to get new ones but they didn’t have any for me to buy. I made 4– 2 for each chair. Sure makes life easier to put in the wash.

  • rita

    I bought a used fisher price healthy care easy fold high chair on craigslist.Unfortunately I am having a hard time finding a replacement even on the FP website.I surely hope I can make your pattern fit my design!! tyvm tc hagn

  • I have fisher prise high chair ….I want an extra cover also..I search it every where but I cant find it so I decided to make new but I can’t understand ….can u tell me again

    • Susieb

      I will try to get the pattern traced and put into a file. We are very busy here, but I will see what I can do.


      • Leslie

        Yes! Yes! Yes! I’d be happy to paypal you a couple of dollars just to not have to do this myself. I only get to sew when Fuzzle is hanging out in the space saver chair watching me.

  • Casey

    I came across your blog when looking for a replacement seat cover for my high chair. I saw that it was a possibility of you maybe drawing this pattern out. I can’t see anyplace to contact you. Is this something you have done?

    • Susieb

      I have not done it yet. I need to find it first, bwahahaha, and then I need to upload it to the internet. It is on my to do list, I just don’t know when it will get done. I have a good idea where it is, you know a safe place so it does not get thrown away, but I need time to do all of that. Thanks for asking. I really do need to get on it. Thanks for reminding me.


      • Brianna

        I would LOOOOVE the pattern as well! I just dug out my high chair from the garage for a new baby we’re expecting in Sept, with a 6 year gap in kids it was filthy and the cover is missing. I cleaned up the chair but it’s naked and I have nothing to base a new cover off of! anyway you can e-mail me the pattern when you get around to it? I would appreciate it so much! My nesting instincts are driving me crazy! b.drenoske@gmail.com

  • Cecilia Medeiros

    I would like the pattern also. Question: where are the openings for the straps.

    • Susieb

      I have never used the straps, so I did not build them in. All I see when I look at those straps are a mess of germs. 😉 I have never had an issue, we always use the cover and when baby is small we tilt the seat back so it is more of a recline.

      I have worked on the pattern, but we had a very sudden and exciting move halfway across the country and I need to find the box where I put the pattern in and double check for accuracy and then I will upload it. It will likely be another couple of months, sorry ladies, life has taken some wonderful and fast turns these last few months.

  • Marilyn Miller

    My daughter has the high chair and needs a cover. She brought it without the cover so I don’t have a pattern to even use. If you could somehow get me the pattern I can figure out the rest. Thank you.

  • Kelli

    I have a high chair with no cover..bought a cover from the local good will but it is not long enough..would love your pattern

  • Does this post have a pattern

  • Mariann C

    I don’t have the old cover can you send me the pattern?

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