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Sour Dough Starter – Tasty Tuesday

My friend Laura posted a picture of sourdough bread she made last weekend.  I thought, “That looks yummy, I should make some.”  So I started searching how to make my own sour dough starter.  After a lot of looking, I found Sourdough Home website.  That site is a treasure trove of information.  Saturday, Abigail, Bethany and I started a starter according his procedure.  I read Starting a Starter first.  It was a good intro into what I needed to know before I started.


Then I tried Mike’s Way to Start a Starter.  We started it Sunday night.  Last night, Monday night, it had not done much.  As the instructions instructed, I just let it be.  I checked it this morning it was doing something, but not a lot.  Then, this afternoon, it looked like it doubled so Abigail and I fed it.  It smelled yeasty and gross.  It reminded me of driving through downtown Milwaukee, but there is no beer brewing here.


Tomorrow morning, we’ll check it and feed it again if it is ready.  We’ll remove 1/2 each time we feed it and then feed it some more.  We have to wait a week until we can use the starter for anything.  What do you think we should make?  I am not sure.  Sean loves sourdough bread, so that might be the first attempt.


Until next time.



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