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Protected: Busy Days – End of the Semester – Welcome to Christmas Break

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Thankful Thursday – Teaching Through the Bible

We have been blessed to be under great Bible teachers in the churches we have been in. Last week I was thinking about what “series” has been the best series for me (during one of my late night sleep evading insomniac episodes) and it made me think very hard as to what God has blessed […]

Protected: Thankful Thursday – Honest People

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China and the Value of Human Life

This morning I heard a story from China on the news about a 2 year old girl in China that was hit twice by two different vehicles. Neither vehicle stopped. She was actually run over by at least one, probably both. For two hours cars drove by her. Bikes rode by her. People walked by […]

Protected: Security Forces 9/11 Ruck March to Remember Through Greensboro, NC

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1st Friends For Life

Have you heard about 1st Friends For Life? The first I heard about it was when we lived in Iowa and the Channel 13 would air a segment every month on the last day of the month and the 1st of the month. It was a short public service announcement to remind women to do […]

A Proverb A Day Keeps Foolishness Away

Daily Bible reading. What do you use for your daily Bible reading? I have used various things to help me keep track of my walk with God. What I use depends upon what the season in my life is at that time. When I have a newborn, I have lots more time to read and […]

Protected: Do You Know What You Are Having?

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10 Things You Should Say to a Pregnant Woman

1.  You look beautiful. – This does not really need an explanation.  I don’t think any woman can hear this enough, pregnant or not.

2.  You are a great Mom. – Again, no explanation really needed, right?  Well I’ll give one anyway.  Its so hard to not get down on oneself during pregnancy, a Mom […]

10 Things to Never say to a Pregnant Woman

1.  You are huge. – I personally don’t even think this needs an explanation.  But truth be told this is something you should never say to any woman.

2.  You are so small are you sure you are that far along? – When women get to the end of their pregnancy, they want to be […]